TSE Hosted - Software Patch Notification


TSE Hosted - Software Patch Notification

Status: closed
Duration: 4 days
Affected Components:
TSE Hosted

Maintenance tasks:

Our upgrade team will be applying a software patch to version 4.1.4 in the TSE Hosted environment.

Cases have been created in advance to inform all clients when the software patch will be applied. Any communication regarding the upgrade will be provided in the case. We recommend that you review all documentation attached to the case prior to the upgrade. Any questions you have should be added to the case.

This patch will be applied to the following institutions during the days and times specified.

Please note that Transact is currently internally reviewing the allocated time for testing on test hosted environments before conducting upgrades on production hosted systems. The testing window is being evaluated for future releases and will be determined based on the availability of new features. Currently, the testing timeline is one week prior to the scheduled production upgrade.

Expected impact:

Your TSE system will be unavailable during the entire maintenance window.

Transact wishes to inform our clients of all scheduled maintenance to production systems. If you have any questions or experience any issues after the maintenance window has passed, please open a case via Transact Connect or 1-888-381-8054, Option 2 then 1.


The scheduled maintenance has been completed and the impacted systems are operating normally.